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Am îngroşat frazele cu indicaţii.

Hello dear lectors, We are Georgiana and Kristin, two girls from Germany, who are living this autumn in Brazil for a couple of months. We are working in a favela (that´s a poor neighbourhood, similarly to a slum), named Maré, which is located a bit outside of Rio de Janeiro.

What are we doing there exactly?

We are working with students and young adults in a NGO, called CEASM (http://cpvceasm.wordpress.com/). They provide us an open space, so that we could offer different workshops in arts, media and photography. We hope that these workshops encourage young people to express themselves in a creative way, but at the same to take some ideas or tools for working later in this area.

Who we are?

We are two students from Cologne and Mainz. Georgiana is studying Culture of Latin America and she made experiences in Journalism and work with young adults. Kristin is studying Design and loves photography and Graffiti. For further informations about our project “arte media mare”, please have a look on our facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/artmediamare?fref=ts.

For what do we need the money of the scholarship?

First of all we need the money to cover the costs of material, like cameras, recorder and art stuff. One of our main ideas is to organize an exhibition with the works of our participants, as well in Rio de Janeiro as in Germany. We think that´s kind of appreciation also of the neighbourhood and at the same time, we want to spread an alternative idea of the life and the persons who are living in a favela.

How could you help us?

This is why we need your help. Everybody could support our project with a simple vote per facebook. You will find the link here (http://www.stipendium.de/bewerber-2013/3501-kreativprojekt-in-brasilianischer-favela?page=1&s=georgiana). Please push the green button and if you like, we would appreciate if you inform your friends as well.

Thank you very much!

Georgiana and Kristin

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